FreedomSponsors launched TODAY!

One day I was looking at a bug report on Jenkin’s issue tracker.

I don’t remember what the bug was about, but at the time it was really important to me.

I remember that I thought: “man, I could pay this guy to solve this for me!”

And that was when the idea struck me:
“Wait a minute… why can’t I? I’m sure that developer would like that too…”

That’s how I had the idea for the FreedomSponsors website.

FreedomSponsors is an implementation of a crazy idea:

  • Mr. Sponsor offers some money for an issue on an open source project’s issue tracker.
  • Mr. Programmer then solves it and click’s the DONE button.
  • Mr. Sponsor verifies and pays what he promised.

It’s a really simple idea that might just have the potential to
cause a very positive impact on a large number of open source projects.

Well, at least that’s what I’m dreaming that it will become 🙂

So, now, after 6 weeks of development (and lots of coffee) the website is up and running.
I just launched it a few minutes ago.

Do you love open source too?
Do you also feel that some open source projects need a push sometimes?

Check it out –>
If you share that vision too, please help me and spread the word!


3 comentários em “FreedomSponsors launched TODAY!

  1. Ideia genial tony, estava no jugvale 2012 vi sua palestra e achei muito legal sua ideia sobre o freedom sponsors.. show de bola parabens!

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