Javascript for grown-ups #1: Sat, Mar-01, 02:10PM GMT-3

Earlier today I hosted a training session on basic javascript.
It happened via “Hangouts on Air”, which is a Google Hangout that is also transmitted live on Youtube.
We also had a IRC chat room where participants could send questions.
There were people from different locations: Poland, Philippines, India, Romenia, Venezuela, Taiwan, France, Brazil, and maybe more (not all participants were in the chat room)

Thanks for watching everyone! It was fun 🙂

We talked about:

* Introduction [13:36]
* Who am I [21:00]
* A word about FreedomSponsors (help me out and tell everyone about it!) [22:25]]
* About the language [26:39]
* Variables [30:50]
* Arrays and objects [44:16]
* Wat? [56:10]
* JSON [1:04:07]
* Functions [1:14:13]
* Asynchronous programming [1:24:47]
* Closures [1:37:51]
* Prototypes [2:06:12]
* This [2:31:08]

You missed it??? No problem, it’s been recorded 🙂

The “slides” I used are available on Github:

If you watched it, I would love to get your feedback – please let me know what you liked about it, and what I should do better for future audiences.

Tony Lâmpada